History of HFH

Hime For Help was founded in 2012 by Emily Hime at the age of 19.  Emily had traveled to Haiti multiple times and fell in love with the small Caribbean island.  She volunteered in numerous orphanages, hospitals, and medical clinics.  When returning home to Canada to finish her University degree, she felt as if she still needed to be helping Haiti in some way.  This is when she created the Non-Profit Organization, Hime For Help.

In March 2012, only a month after registering her organization, Emily was contacted about a group of young children that resided in a small orphanage in the countryside of Haiti.  The children were in need of medical care, beds, food, etc.  Emily committed to raising funds and going down to Haiti for a few months to help get them on their feet.  However, after only a month of being in the home, she realized that this small orphanage was full of corruption.  Many of the children in the home were taken after the earthquake and actually had families in the capital of Port Au Prince.  There was no documentation on the children.  Emily and her staff were able to relocate 5 of the children with their families and the remaining children resided in Emily’s care.

Today, Home of Happy Hearts (Maison Ke Kontan) cares for 16 children from ages 2 to 18.  We provide them with shelter, education, medical care, all of their basic necessities, and most importantly a loving family environment where they can thrive.