Junior’s Birthday Fundraiser

Junior will be turning eight years old on Saturday, July 21st, 2o18.  Junior has been in our home since February 2015.  When he arrived in our home he was very quiet and shy and he had never attended school.  In September 2015 we enrolled him in his first semester of school and he exceeded all of our expectations.  Since then, he has passed all of his classes and this year he made the honour roll for his grade.  Junior has brought so much love, affection, and laughter to our home.  He has the sweetest smile and the most adorable little raspy voice.  We thought what better way to celebrate him than to host a fundraiser to help ensure that the expenses for his next semester of school are covered; this includes his tuition, uniform, and books.  On top of that, we would also like to throw Junior a proper birthday party with a cake and ensure that he has a gift to open on his special day- as every child deserves to feel special on their birthday.  With your donation, you will receive a photograph of Junior showing whichever item you purchased for him.  Thank you for supporting Junior and making his day special for him!

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Junior’s Tuition 

Your donation will go towards covering a portion of Junior’s tuition for September.

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School Uniform

In Haiti, children are required to wear a uniform to attend school.  Each year we have to have new uniforms made for our children.  Your donation will help cover the expense of Junior’s uniform.

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School Books

Each year we have to purchase new textbooks for the children as well as note books, binders, lined paper, etc. for each of their classes.  Your donation will help us purchase these items for Junior.

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Birthday Party for Junior! 

Your donation will go towards hosting a birthday party for Junior- as every kid deserves a party on their special day.


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Gift For Junior

Your donation will purchase a birthday gift for Junior.  You will receive a photo of Junior with the gift you purchased!


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